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Choosing the right kitchen knife set

A KITCHEN knife set is one of the most essential tools for your home. There are many different kinds of kitchen knives available.

When determining which knives you need for your kitchen, think about what activities you do most, and then choose a knife that best suits these action.

A standard knife set has seven to eight pieces which includes the following:

* Chef's knife
* Paring knife
* Bread knife
* Fillet knife
* Carving knife
* Steak knife
* And utility knife

Aside from this, it comes with sharpening steel and kitchen shears. It can also be bought with a knife block, for convenient storage.

Keep in mind that the knives come in different shapes from meat cleavers to tomato knives.
The reason why knives are available in a variety of designs is because they are made for various purposes.

Joseline Teoh, manager of Zwilling J.A. Henckels kitchen ware shop in Mid Valley Megamall outlet, Kuala Lumpur said:

"You should look for stainless steel knives which are durable for cutting different kinds of food including those which are difficult to cut and slice,

"A kitchen knife, made from finest materials is rust proof for long lasting use and efficiency."
She added as with any tool, the brand name will have some significance when choosing the right knife set.

"There are many wellknown brand names like Wusthof, Sabatier, and Victorinox,

"There are also many lesser-known names as well offering high quality knives,

"Henckels is one of oldest, well-known brand since 1731, which comes with a lifetime warrantee," she added.

Teoh said you can buy your knives one by one, or in a set that includes a knife block.

"These sets can often save you money versus buying the knives individually,

"On the other hand, if you do not have a lot to spend, focus on purchasing a few high-quality knives over an entire block of lesser-quality blades

The benefit of purchasing a full set of kitchen knives in a block is they can be stored correctly. If the set does not come in a block, it should have sheaths to keep it in good condition when not in use.

Last but not least, Teoh said: "A good knife set can make preparing your food easier, more enjoyable, and safer. Quality knife sets are durable and can last a lifetime, if properly cared for."


How to care for your kitchen knives

* Find a good place to keep your knives. like in a knife block or in a drawer (but only if they are in a sheath, as the knives could be damaged).

* Clean your knives after each use. Use soapy cloth and gently scrub the knife, then wash it off with hot water. Afterwards, use a paper towel to dry it off.

* Keep your knives dry. For example, a carbon steel kitchen knife, can be rusting even if it does not appear so.

* Steel your knives regularly. A knife's edge has a tendency to roll towards either side, and decrease cutting power. To steel a blade, hold the knife flat against a surface and slide it along, gradually raising the back of the blade until it just begins to cut into the surface. Sweep the blade towards the tip of the steel, do this 10 times for each side of the blade.

* The most common cause of wear and tear is due to contact with the cutting board surface. Boards made of glass, ceramic, marble may damage the cutting edge in the first cut. Wooden and plastic boards are better and have a lower dulling effect. For best results use soft disposable paper or card cutting board.
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