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Tips - How to manage your finances

1. Develop a desire to break away from the crowd. You need to have the courage to make use of your idea.

2. Find your niche. This should be something you are knowledgeable and have an interest in.

3. Persevere through setbacks. If you let little roadblocks deter you, you will never make it in life.

4. Learn from your mistakes, and avoid repeating them. Treat every crisis as an opportunity to learn and perform.

5. Maintain self-discipline. Some people become complacent after owning a business. Your business only survives if you buckle down and work at it.

6. Commit to your business idea and all those who are part of your plans including your employees, friends and family members.

7. Be patient. No tree bears fruit overnight. You need to be patient to reap the fruits of your labour by being steady and focused.

8. Be flexible. A brilliant idea alone will not ensure success. You need to adapt your idea to the present day needs and reach maximum customers with ease.

9. Be prepared to answer any questions from the customer i.e. "What is there in your product or service that other people do not have?"

10. Realise all business involves a certain amount of risk. Never invest your entire fortune in a new business. It is wise to take the advice of professionals in financial matters.
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