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Design your dream bedroom

THE bedroom is a haven for most people. Many people choose their bedrooms to relax and unwind. This is where you want to be left undisturbed and get some privacy.

An average person spends onethird of his life in the bedroom. Therefore it is important to have your bedroom furnished with comfort and style. Below are some tips to give your bedroom a new look:

Choosing a theme - By choosing a particular design style or theme for your bedroom, you will know the types of colours you want to use, and which types of design accents work best for you. You can do your research from the internet or interior design magazines, to find ideas and themes for your room.

Choice of colours - Some people prefer soft and neutral colours, while others prefer bold colours. With neutral colours, an accent wall or accent accessories can be added to make a striking difference. Bold colours, can be paired with neutral colours or even solids. Or you can go minimalist with high contrast colours of black-and-white, using white semi-gloss paint, and leather furniture with metallic finishes.

Comfortable beds -The most popular bed sizes are King, Queen, and Twin size bed. You need to finalise the exact dimension of your bed before you shop. There are different variety of comfortable bed styles including Day Bed, Platform Bed, Sleigh Bed, and Four-post Bed.

You can go for a Sleigh Bed if you desire a Modern-looking room. Pencil-post beds fit well in a room with colonial furnishings. Day Beds are great for small sized bedrooms, being compact and versatile. Platform beds are simple and elegant, fitting in rooms of any style of décor.

Window dressings - Another way to get your bedroom looking good is to put new dressings on both your bed and your windows. You can add a duvet cover to the bed for example, or put in a new set of sheets, bed skirt, and pillow shams. Adding or changing what you have at the windows can make a dramatic difference too.

If you have been using heavy draperies, try switching to a lightweight sheer piece instead. Or put in wood blinds, or plantation style shutters without any fabric curtains or sheers.

Furniture styles are the most prominent aspects in your bedroom design. Your bed style has to go with your bedroom's theme, size-wise, style-wise, and colour-wise. Some basic elements of this furniture include a bed and bed frame, end-tables, chests, chair, desk, soft and warm floor covering, window treatment, lamps, and some bedroom accessories.

Room measurement - Before you purchase your furniture, make sure you have measured the room properly so you know exactly how much available floor space is there for your furniture. Make sure the bedroom has the right bedroom furniture styles, which are compact, and provide enough space to accommodate other furniture pieces.Your bedroom should also give you enough space to unwind and relax.

Lighting is key - You should consider light fixtures in terms of style as well as type. You need to be able to make the room as bright as you want, when you need to find something, but you also want the option of low, soft light, for resting.

Refurbishment is a costly business whether you have a limited or extensive budget, so you need to know how much you have to spend on each item. Make a list of items you require and cost them all. Take time to find out if there are any offers, or deals available that suit your needs.
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