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How to Calculate Your Cars Fuel Efficiency

As petrol prices increase, fuel efficiency is becoming more of a critical factor. Knowing your car's mileage can help you determine if it's is a guzzler or not. Once you figure out there are many useful things to do, like calculate how much a 10 sen rise in petrol prices can affect your budget, or how getting a car with better fuel economy can lower your monthly costs. Here's how:

Go to the petrol station and fill up the fuel tank.

Record the mileage, before even pulling away from the pump. We call this Distance A.

Drive normally until the tank is less than half full.

Fill up the tank again (preferably at the same station using the same pump as pumps may be calibrated differently). This time, pay attention to how many litres it takes to fill up the tank. This is usually shown at the pump. We will call this Fuel B.

Record the mileage again, just like before. We will call this Distance B.

Subtract Distance A from Distance B. This will give you the number of kms you drove since your last fill-up.

Divide your answer by the number of litres (Fuel B) it took to fill up your tank. This will give you your car's mileage.

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