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Safety guide for gas users

1. THE proper procedure to light a non-automatic gas cooker or gas stove are by:

* Lighting a match

* Pointing the flame at the burner and

* Turning the gas on slowly

2. Do not leave cooking unattended.

3. Keep all inflammable materials (eg. curtains, papers, etc) from lighted gas cooker.

4. When cooking, open the windows and doors to ensure good ventilation. Bad ventilation can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

5. Ensure all gas valves on the cooker are turned off after cooking or before leaving your house.

6. Ensure the gas cooker's surface is clean at all times as grease and food spill can cause fire.

7. Always use the rubber hose approved by the autorities. Check for leaks with soapy water from time to time:

* Rubber hose

* Connection of gas cooker

* Gas cock or gas regulator (if using gas cylinders)

8. Seek the service of a certified competent intstaller

9. Do not attempt to modify the pipeline route and perform the gas connections yourself.

10. If you smell gas or suspect there is a gas leak, take the followings steps:

* Turn off the controls on the appliances, the gas valve at the cooker and the valve at the meter or regulator.

* Open doors and windows to let plenty of air into the premise.

* Notify your Gas Dealer immediately.

* Do not turn on or off any electrical appliances or switches.

* Do not light matches or lighters and do not smoke, of course
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