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Becoming a better mom

Have you heard the saying "being a mom is the best job you will ever have"? For some it is a huge responsibility that can be overwhelming and not as fulfilling as it should be. If you have experienced being overwhelmed, unhappy for any reason, or not feeling totally fulfilled in your role as a mom, you are not alone. Here are seven tips to become the best mom that you can be.

* Believe it is possible. In order to be happier and more fulfilled as a mom you have to believe that it is possible. Have you heard the quote, "You have to believe to achieve?" Well, it is true and this is where is all begins.

* Be willing to do things differently. You can't expect to be happier and more fulfilled if you continue to do things the same way. So, you have to be willing to make some changes and do things differently from the way you have been.

* Get support. It is easy to fall into the role of "super mom" and feel like it is your responsibility as a mom to do everything yourself, but you will be happier if you get some support. There are many different means of support for moms if you seek them out.

* Ask for what you want. Have you ever gotten angry at your spouse because he didn't do what you wanted him to do, but he often said that you have never asked him to do it? Moms often don't ask for what they want and need. Learn to speak up and ask for what you want.

* Love yourself first. Feeling loved is the universal basic want we all have. While it is great to get and feel loved by others, most people don't love themselves first. You need to love yourself first and set the example for others to love you too.

* Focus on YOU! Ask yourself, "What do I love to do that I'm not currently doing?" or "What would I like more of in my life that will help me feel more fulfilled?" Discover what it is that is missing in your life to make you feel fulfilled and do it!

* Let go! When moms focus on themselves or take time for themselves they tend to feel a bit guilty. Carrying around this burden doesn't benefit anyone including you, so let it go! When you are happy and fulfilled you will be better in your role as a mom and as a partner, so enjoy it.

Source: New Straits Times - 1Klassifieds - Compiled by 1Klassifieds Team 
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