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Tips on 'greening' your phone

How to use your mobile device in the most energy efficient way:

- Unplug your charger when the battery is full.
- Decrease the brightness of its screen.
- Set the standby time to minimum.

- Turn off sounds you don't need such as keypad tones. You may also want to adjust the volume of your phone to an average level, particularly if you're inside your home or office. Fewer sounds mean using less energy.

- Turn off functions like Bluetooth and WLAN when not in use.

- Recycle your obsolete mobile phone. You can find the nearest recycling point at

- Consider using your mobile device to read emails and browse the Internet. This uses 1/30 of the energy used by a laptop computer.

- Use Green Explorer to plan your travel in the most environmentally friendly way or check up on eco tips when you are on the move at com.

- If you have to fly, consider using the we:offset service to offset carbon emissions. You can download the application at com/we:offset.
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