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Save our environment


* Buy only what we need. Reduce unnecessary purchasing. Do not buy goods that are not used very often. Buy local product to help your country economy.
* Buy goods with glass bottle and rechargeable batteries. We can use then several times.
* Buy multipurpose cleanser. This will reduce many cleansers for different purpose.
* Do not stored, throw or burn unused good condition equipment. Sold or donate equipments that are not in used.
* Buy non toxic product. Most of the toxic products such as engine oil, polish paint, and pesticide cannot be reused. Finish using the toxic substances before disposing the containers.
* Use alternative materials to replace toxic materials. Cleaning with soda and vinegar as well lemon as a natural furniture polish.

* Reuse paper bag that can be reused for shopping and recyclables storage box at home.
* Envelopes can be reused by pasting the new address on top of the old one. It can be also used as scrap paper.
* Used container that can be utilized to keep household goods Papers and cardboards can be used for wrapping and storing goods at home. Papers can also be used as scrap papers. If they cannot be used, recycle them.
* Reused the old clothes. They can be used as cushion cover, table cloth or cleaning cloth.
* Return the old tyres that cannot be reused to tyre shop for recycling.

* Look out for recyclables at your home. Segregate the waste and use recycle bins to discard these materials.
* Recycling garden wastes to improve the condition of your lawn. Compositing, decomposition of organic materials can be used as fertilizer for your lawn. It is the best way to reduce kitchen waste.
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