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Nabila's way

IT is possible to be fashionable and remain modest at the same time. Fashion-forward hijabi Nabila Abdul Mukthi shows the way:

DO mix bright colours with muted ones. Experiment with bright shades for your clothes but keep your headscarf simple and in muted hues.

DO browse the Internet and watch your favourite television series for ideas. Nabila bought a studded belt because Sarah Jessica Parker wore one in Sex and the City. Blogs such as Hijab Style ( are also a good start if you are new to wearing a scarf.

DON'T wear short-sleeved T-shirts with your hijab.

DON'T opt for tight or ill-fitting clothes. If you want to wear skinny jeans, pair it with longer tops.

DO develop your personal style. There are many ways of wearing a hijab. Figure out what you like and look for a style that suits you best.

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